In the home, murals can be a very special addition to your unique and personal style. In restaurants and cafés, murals can create a special atmosphere of another country, to go along with the type of food served there. Wall painting in children's rooms and nurseries is like a fairy tale they can touch with their own hands.

We offer all types of interior painting, the most popular of which are listed below:

Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil (meaning “fool the eye” in French) is a kind of fresco that gives the appearance of volume or perspective. In general, these visual effects are used on interior walls. The mural can be of a non-existent window, behind which you see a picturesque landscape, or the door to someplace else entirely, a garden trellis with plants, a stairway or niche in the wall. The artist can transform ordinary or delpidated walls into impressive stone ruins with a view of the coastline. People, animals, a bowl of fruit, a column, a statue or a carelessly tossed blanket - anyone or anything you want can be included in a trompe l’oeil mural.


This is the oldest type of design that you still see everywhere: on clothes and other fabrics, on furniture, on dishes.  The elements and motifs of the design pattern repeat rhythmically and alternate. With ornamentation, you can accent some architectural elements or, on the other hand, disguise interior flaws. Ornamentation can decorate furniture and doors, uniting them in a unique interior ensemble. Ornamentation on ceilings and walls gives rooms a special rhythm and dynamic.

Murals in a child’s room

All kinds of paining can be used in a child’s room – both trompe l’oeil and ornamentation. It is most important that you choose an optimal combination of colors and create a positive atmosphere. A beautiful environment gives rise to exalted thoughts, and this is especially true with children. Harmonious, professionally created and ecologically sound painting is critical to a child’s psycho-emotional well-being.