The mural painting process

A wall art painting is carried out in several steps. It will take less time if you already have examples of the images want transferred to your wall or a ceiling. Or, the artist can suggest different types of images. You can also look at examples of works on this website. Naturally, the larger and more difficult the painting is, the more time we’ll need to spend on it.

All the materials the artists use are ecologically pure, and odor-free, once they have dried.

  1. The first discussion of a project is done via e-mail or over the phone. (You email your ideas for the mural and its dimensions and we’ll send you an approximate price).
  2. Site visit.  Our designer studies the room, the level of light and the condition of the wall, and then takes exact measurements. She proposes the type of painting and the color scheme that will go best with your decor, taking into account all your preferences. The designer will also take photoraphs of the work surface to determine what preparations, if any, are necessary.
  3. Creation of preliminary sketches, taking into account your wishes and any particulars of the space.
  4. The client accepts the sketch.  You choose the most appropriate one, or if necessary, we will rework the sketches until they meet with your approval. The price and terms will be defined, and an advance payment of 50% of the total cost is paid.
  5. If necessary, the wall will be smoothed and plastered. Then a primer and two layers of acrylic paint will be applied for the background.
  6. The mural surface will be covered with lacquer or wax (depending on the technique to be used) in order to preserve the painting from fading, moisture, and also physical damage.
  7. Payment of the remaining 50%.