Commissioned portraits

We all have something very personal, touching, or troubling that leads us to reflect and to surrender to our emotions, and a portrait is the type of gift which can truly affect one’s soul. Buying someone a picture as a gift is never easy, but, it’s a fascinating thing to do.

We can draw you or another person from a photo. If you are giving the portrait as a gift, you must choose the style that best fits your intended recipient.  

Giving a portrait to your boss, colleague, or business partner is an exclusive and unforgettable gift, since people in the upper echelons of a society, generally understand and appreciate painting. A portrait that includes elements of its subject’s lifestyle will show how much you respect this person, who will then look very favorably on you.

We also can help you with interior design through our service of mural painting. The interior of whatever room you choose room will greatly benefit from the addition of an artistic mural or wall painting.