Interior Design Murals

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Murals, which originated in Egypt and Sumeria, are one of the oldest painted art forms
on earth. The ancient tradition of mural or wall painting has produced numerous
masterpieces – on pyramid walls and in basilicas, as well as in the works of Giotto,
Botticelli, Michelango and Rubens.

To this day, wall painting continues to enjoy wide popularity, and people enjoy having
works of art such as the Mona Lisa on their bedroom wall, or Claude Monet’s “Dejeuner
sur l’herbe” in their kitchen. And one doesn’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy this
particular luxury.

Murals are also an excellent addition to the workplace. This is especially true of
restaurant, cafes, clubs or jewelry stores – places where creating an atmosphere is of
paramount importance. Murals can help create an ambiance that ’s in harmony with your
taste and your space. And murals have the advantage of being unique: you will forever
be the sole owner of this work of art.

Whatever your taste, we will offer you a number of options that will be in harmony with
your design preferences. Whether your style is neoclassical or modern, high-tech or
classic, our mural will elegantly enhance it.

Murals are also perfect for children’s rooms – for example, in creating a fairy tale
universe. Choosing the correct color palette, as well as the correct images and subjects, is vital to the development of children’s thought processes and imagination, and ultimately to their creativity.

For centuries, people have been taken with decorative painting on glass. This artistic genre allows for the creation of unique masterpieces with fascinating color combinations. Painting on windows is particularly desirable during the Christmas holidays.

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